Student Best Paper Award Finalists

Spotlight: Best Student Papers
Wednesday, June 28
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

*Presenting author

"Design and Parametric Analysis of a Magnetic Leadscrew with an Embedded Displacement Sensor," Li, Wenjin* and Lee, Kok-Meng, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Task-Constrained Motion Planning Considering Uncertainty-Informed Human Motion Prediction for Human-Robot Collaborative Disassembly," Liu, Wansong*; Liang, Xiao and Zheng, Minghui, University at Buffalo

"Motion Dynamics Modeling and Fault Detection of a Soft Trunk Robot," Jandaghi, Emadodin*; Chen, Xiaotian and Yuan, Chengzhi, University of Rhode Island

"Spectro-Temporal Recurrent Neural Network for Robotic Slip Detection with Piezoelectric Tactile Sensor," Ayral, Théo*; ALOUI, Saifeddine and Grossard, Mathieu, CEA-Leti

"Design and Control of a Ground-Aerial Dual Actuator Monocopter (G-ADAM)," Suhadi, Brian Leonard*; Timothy, Wong; Win, Shane Kyi Hla; Win, Luke Soe Thura and Foong, Shaohui, Singapore University of Technology and Design.