Special Sessions

Biologically Inspired Intelligence for Mechatronics and Robotics

Friday, June 30
3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Vashon 1

Organizers:Chaomin Luo, Mississippi State University (USA), Zhuming Bi, Purdue University Fort Wayne (USA)

Description: Biologically inspired intelligence technique, an important embranchment of series on computational intelligence, plays a crucial role for robotics. The autonomous robot and vehicle industry has had an immense impact on our economy and society, and this trend will continue with biologically inspired intelligence techniques. Biologically inspired intelligence, such as biologically inspired neural networks (BINN), is about learning from nature, which can be applied to the real-world robot and vehicle systems. Recently, the research and development of bio-inspired systems for robotic applications is increasingly expanding worldwide. Biologically inspired algorithms contain emerging sub-topics such as bio-inspired neural network algorithms, brain-inspired neural networks, swam intelligence with BINN, ant colony optimization algorithms (ACO) with BINN, bee colony optimization algorithms (BCO), particle swarm optimization with BINN, immune systems with BINN, and biologically inspired evolutionary optimization and algorithms, etc. Additionally, it is decomposed of computational aspects of bio-inspired systems such as machine vision, pattern recognition for robot and vehicle systems, motion control, motion planning, movement control, sensor-motor coordination, and learning in biological systems for robot and vehicle systems. This special session seeks to highlight and present the growing interests in emerging research, development and applications in the dynamic and exciting areas of biologically inspired algorithms for mechatronics and robotics and vehicle systems (autonomous robots, unmanned underwater vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles).