Best Conference Paper

The AIM 2023 Award Committee will select the best conference paper candidates based on the AE/reviewer recommendation and the overall review feedback.

Best Student Conference Paper

If a paper has a full-time graduate student as the first author, the advisor can nominate the paper for the Best Student Conference Paper Award. The nomination is through submission at Under "AIM 2023", choose "Submit a contribution to AIM 2023"; then under "First Submissions", click the link "Best Student Paper Award Nomination". The nomination window is from April 15 to May 15, 2023. Only the student's advisor can nominate and in the nomination letter. Please provide:
• Student's name
• Advisor name
• Department and University
• Submission number of the paper
• Title of the paper
• Confirmation that the student was enrolled full-time at the time of the first submission
• Confirmation that the student is the main contributor of the work
• Brief description of the work and a list of three important points for the nomination.

For more information, contact the Student and Young Member Chair Prof. Juan Ren at